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South Padre Island Live Spring Break Bikini Beach
Streaming Cam
SPadre.com South Padre Island Live Streaming Cam
The only real live streaming spring break web cam on the Island. Check out the spring break bikini contest on the South Padre Island Live Spring Break Bikini Beach Web Cam!

spring break information for families

What about a family vacation to South Padre during spring break?

South Padre Island is a great destination for families. There are many beach houses, condos, and vacation rentals that will ONLY rent to family visitors and do not rent to college spring breakers. Families can come down and enjoy surfing lessons, fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more of the exciting activities that South Padre Island has to offer without having to worry about being in the middle of the party scene.

Family Friendly Spring Break

While spring break is a popular time of year for college aged kids to flock to the Island, the crowds will remain fairly isolated at the few spots on the Island where the events are going on. Most of the party scene is concentrated at the Isla Grand during the day and at the night clubs late at night. These areas can be easily avoided for people that want to come to the Island but not be in the middle of a big party scene. If you are worried about the traffic, rest assured that the traffic for the most part will be extremely light in the morning and will keep flowing throughout the day. The weekends before and after Texas Week can see some pretty heavy traffic in the late afternoon and late at night - but the rest of the time is not a problem.

A growing number of Island hotels and condominiums are catering to families during spring break. Here is a list of places to stay on the Island that does not rent to spring breakers and will have a family friendly atmosphere.

Las Brisas (bayfront condos - away from crowds)


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South Padre Island Spring Break 2018 Live Beach Cams
South Padre Surf Cam - Click for new 8x zoom super high resolution mega surf cam - hours 7:00am to 6:00pm - new image every few seconds
Click image for large high resolution live cam / South Padre Beach Cam™

Spring Break Bikini Contest
Louie's Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest

Spring Break Dance Contest

Coca Cola Beach Dance Contest

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Surfing Lessons
for Spring Break 2018 with South Padre Surf Company. Reservations required.
surfing lessons with South Padre Surf Company.  Spring break discount - half price surfing lessons in South Padre Island
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Spring Break Girls
Spring Break bikini contest

Pearl South Padre

Pearl South Padre Located
Steps from Rock Star Beach

Girls on the Beach in Bikinis
Spring Break girls on the beach in bikinis

Isla Grand Beach Resort formerly the Radisson

Louie's Backyard

South Padre Surf Company - year round surfing lessons and surf camps

La Quinta Inn and Suites

La Copa Inn Resort

Breakaway Cruises - parasailing, dolphin watch, snorkeling, waverunners

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Troy Giles Realty and Management

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Gabriella's Italian Grill & Pizzeria


SPI Rentals vacation rentals short term and long term rentals

Pearl South Padre

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Coca Cola Beach Spring Break at Isla Grand Beach Resort

Spring Break 2018 Beachside and Poolside Parties at the Isla Grand Beach Resort

Spring Break 2018 directly located behind the ISLA GRAND BEACH RESORT will be home to the biggest spring break beach party in the nation! Formerly home of the Coca Cola Beach Party where the stage attracted daily crowds between 12,000 and 18,000 - Rockstar Beach Bash is BRINGING THE BEACH PARTY BACK THIS YEAR!. The Isla Grand Beach Resort is the #1 daytime Spring Break hotspot destination for College Students around the country. The Travel Channel has called the spring break party in front of the beach at the Isla Grand on South Padre Island “The largest beach party on the planet.” Rolling Stone said it’s “the place to be during the day.” Spring Breakers from across the U.S. have enjoyed the spring break party on the beach in front of the Isla Grand for the past 15 years.

Activities include interactive games, prizes and the legendary Dance Contest all fueled by 50,000 watt sound system. Don't forget about the very popular Wednesday night pool party where the Isla Grand teams up with Inertia Tours to offer a spring break party you won't want to miss.

This year for Spring Break 2018 you are invited to the Isla Grand Beach Resort who will be hosting an all new spring break experience featuring an awesome electronic and sound stage display to host “South Padre Island’s Largest Beachside and Poolside Parties”

Check back to see what else will be going on this year for Spring Break 2018 here in South Padre Island, Texas!!!

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Spring Break 2018 Calendar of Events
Inertia Tours Thirsty Thursday Party at Louie's Backyard
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm
Spring Break Jam


Inertia Tours Party at Louie's Backyard featuring DeeJay Silver and DJ Dirty
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm
Spring Break Jam


Inertia Tours Party at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill -TBA hip hop artist
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Booze Cruise Party Yacht at Tequila Sunset
Inertia Tours Fat Tuesday Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Infinity at The Pool Party at Peninsula
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Thirsty Thursday Party at Louie's Backyard
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill - Nghtmre
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Party at Louie's Backyard featuring DeeJay Silver and DJ Dirty
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill - Party Favor
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Booze Cruise Party Yacht at Tequila Sunset
Inertia Tours Fat Tuesday Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm
Steve Aoki at Beach Bash Concert Stage at the Isla Grand
Cardi B at the Beach Bash Concert Stage at the Isla Grand


Inertia Tours Infinity at The Pool Party at Peninsula
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm
ILUZIVER at the Beach Bash Concert Stage at the Isla Grand
Lil Pump at Beach Bash Concert Stage at the Isla Grand
Carnage at the Beach Bash Concert Stage at the Isla Grand

Inertia Tours Thirsty Thursday Party at Louie's Backyard
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours at Hilton - major recording artist
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Louie's Backyard featuring DeeJay Silver and DJ Dirty
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill - Baauer
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Booze Cruise Party Yacht at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Infinity at The Pool Party at Peninsula
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Thirsty Thursday Party at Louie's Backyard
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill - DJ Daddy Fats
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Louie's Backyard featuring DeeJay Silver
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Party at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm


Inertia Tours Booze Cruise Party Yacht at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Infinity at The Pool Party at Peninsula
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Inertia Tours Thirsty Thursday Party at Louie's Backyard
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -5pm

Inertia Tours at Clayton's Beach Bar & Grill
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -5pm

Inertia Tours Party at Tequila Sunset
Rockstar Beach Party Stage at the Isla Grand 12 -6pm

Louie's Backyard Spring Break 2014 South Padre Island Nightlife
• Live Concerts • DJ and dancing Bikini Contests Dance Contests Click Here For 2018 Schedule

Spring Break Pictures

Included in the spring break photo gallery and spring break picture archives are photos of spring break girls and guys, bikini contests, dancing, partying, spring breakers having fun on the beach, spring break crowds, and more. There are no photos of nude girls, topless girls, or Girls Gone Wild in any gallery.

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Spring Break Pictures

Spring Break 2018 at South Padre Island Texas

Welcome to South Padre Island for Spring Break 2018!

A letter from Mayor Pinkerton Regarding Spring Break
On behalf of the City Council, I would like to welcome you to the beautiful community of South Padre Island.  As you know, we have many opportunities for you to enjoy yourself during your visit and I would like to provide you with some information that you may find helpful during your stay.

Parking & Transportation

Parking on the island during peak season is at a premium.  The City has a free public Transportation System called "The Wave" and it operates daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm along Padre and Gulf Boulevards which are primary street running north and south.  We regulate our parking on residential side streets that are east of Padre and you must obtain a residential parking permit to park on these streets .  To ensure that you will not receive a parking ticket, all four tires must be off of the improved roadway.  Also, please avoid blocking or parking in private driveways. 

By all means, enjoy a taxi ride to your destination by contacting the following licensed service providers: 

            A Cab/A Taxi             (956) 761-2222

            Airport                        (956) 761-9292

            BB's                             (956) 761-7433

            JJ's Taxi                       (956) 761-9292

            Padre Cab                    (956) 761-2525

Law Enforcement

Our Police Department is well staffed during Spring Break and we have already promised your parents to keep you safe so please do your part by following these simple safety tips:

     1)      Travel in groups with friends.

2)      Don't leave luggage unattended or anything of value in plain view in vehicles.

3)      Don't drink any unattended drinks or consume drinks from unknown persons.

We will have eight alcohol enforcement officers from the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) on the island promoting responsible drinking and subsequent enforcement. TABC is working on education and additional public relation strategies, along with their enforcement efforts.    

Additionally, we will have the Highway Patrol Officers from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) on the island during the latter part of Texas Week to assist us in deterring the criminal element that has become more prevalent over the past few years. DPS has developed group components known as strike teams. A single strike team consists of five marked patrol cars, each with one officer and a uniformed supervisor in an unmarked unit. For three days, March 15-17, DPS is deploying two strike teams, a total of 12 officers, to assist us in our efforts to reassure spring break visitors are safe. The hours of DPS operation will be 5:00 pm to 5:00 am. DPS is also bringing a self-contained mobile command trailer that will be placed in a designated area at the SPI Post Office. The deployment of the DPS strike teams and the ability to utilize these resources during difficult times will provide us with a much needed criminal deterrent. They will be here, working with us, addressing our needs, during the hours identified as most serious.

The South Padre Island Police Department will also employ 10 jailers and 10 traffic management personnel to assist with those areas of operation.  This year we have additional part-time officers on staff which reduces the number of temporary personnel needed from other agencies. The advantages with utilizing the City's part-time police offices are they are already trained, in our uniform and ready to work.

What is the Beach Patrol?

The Fire Department operates Beach Patrol to monitor beach activities and to provide rescue services as needed on the City's beaches. The long narrow beaches of SPI do not lend themselves to traditional stationary lifeguard stands; therefore a "mobile patrol" was developed in order to cover all of the City's beach area. The Beach Patrol Members not only respond to calls for assistance and caution people on the beach about potentially hazardous actions, they also provide minor first aid for jelly fish stings, scrapes, and cuts, etc. The Beach Patrol members act as ambassadors for the City by providing information to our visitors on such far ranging topics as "what kind of fish is that", to "where is a good place to watch the sunset".  The Beach Patrol is an essential part of making our visitors trip to the Beach an enjoyable and safe experience.

The Beach

The City of South Padre Island wants everyone who visits our beaches to have a safe and enjoyable experience and asks anyone coming to the beach to consider the following safety guidelines:

  • Learn to swim and never swim alone
  • Don't rely on flotation devices, such as rafts or inner-tubes. Even US Coast Guard approved lifejackets are not a substitute for swimming ability
  • If caught in a rip current, swim sideways until free, don't swim against the current's pull
  • Do not swim while under the influence of illicit drugs or medications that may cause impairment or alcohol
  • If you are swimming and need assistance - yell and wave  - don't wait
  • Unless you are trained, do not attempt to assist a swimmer in distress - call 911
  • Follow regulations and Beach Patrol directions
  • Swim parallel to shore if you wish to swim long distances
  • Report hazardous conditions to Beach Patrol 
  • Never turn your back to the ocean -- you may be swept off your feet by waves that can come without warning
  • Jellyfish are common in Gulf waters and sometimes wash ashore. Jellyfish stings are rarely serious, but they may require first aid treatment. If you are stung by a jellyfish, wave down the nearest Beach Patrol for assistance.

Glass containers on the beach are prohibited and could cost you a $500 fine.  We check, so do yourself a favor and don't buy beverages in glass for consumption while at the beach.  

Your Health    

Stay hydrated - drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages (water is the best choice).  The combination of the bright sunshine overhead and the reflection of the sun on the sand and water can cause severe damage to your skin.

For maximum effectiveness, use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher and apply 30 to 60 minutes before your first exposure to the sun. This allows the sunscreen time to penetrate your skin. Always reapply sunscreen frequently during your visit to the beach. Perspiration reduces the effectiveness of sunscreen, and even waterproof products eventually are washed away by perspiration and swimming.

Enjoy your day at the beach, but remember to be a friend to your skin, too!

What if I need an Ambulance or Medical Care?

The Emergency Medical Service is operated by the South Padre Island Fire Department and our firefighters and Beach Patrol personnel are trained in first aid. If you are on the beach and need assistance, wave down the Beach Patrol. If it is an emergency or you do not see a Beach Patrol unit close by, call 911. Be prepared to give your location on the beach (the addresses are on the posts with the warning flags on them) and the nature of the emergency. We will send the closest unit to assist you. 

The City will also have a first aid tent available at the Spring Break Beach Party area to treat minor medical issues that may arise.

The local medical facility and area hospitals include:

SPI Clinic (M-F, 8am to 5pm)     3808 Padre Blvd, SPI                            (956) 433-5607 

Harlingen Medical Center            501 South Expressway 77, Harlingen    (965) 365-1000

Valley Baptist Medical Center     1040 Jefferson, Brownsville                   (956) 698-5400

Valley Regional Medical Center   100 Alton Gloor Blvd., Brownsville      (956) 350-7000

Our Environment

The most important message is that we are glad you are here but please be respectful of our delicate environment.  Don't Litter... did you know that the endangered Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles believe when they see a plastic bag in the water, they think it is a jellyfish which is one of their favorite food sources and they will consume these bags which may lead to their death.  Please keep South Padre Island beautiful and have a great time!


Robert N. Pinkerton, Jr.


girls on the beach
girls in bikinis spring break girls spring break crowd spring breakers in bikinis

Welcome to the South Padre Island Spring Break Headquarters! If you are in search of sand, sun, and a ton of fun, you'll find it here! South Padre comes alive during spring break featuring award winning beaches and tropical weather perfect for all of your favorite daytime activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, wave runners, bikini contests, and beach parties - while also boasting super hot night clubs with live concerts and DJs to get your groove going all night long! Plan your South Padre Island Spring Break now! We've got the best places to stay and chill spring break style along with great travel packages and spring break discounts. Come to South Padre Island for YOUR spring break to party Island style and hang with thousands of your closest friends!! Spadre.com has THE BEST spring break photo gallery, look for us on the beach we'll be right in the middle of all of the action taking photos of all of the spring break activities and events going on at South Padre Island, Texas the number one spring break party destination in America!

How to get to South Padre Island?
You can either fly into Brownsville (30 miles away) or Harlingen (45 miles away), then catch a bus or rent a car to get to South Padre Island. Even better, you could have the best road trip of your life - hop in the car, split the gas and drive down to the southern most tip of the United States with just you and your friends. Who knows what you'll see along the way! Or, you can contact
Inertia Tours, a spring break tour operator that will put an entire flight + condo + party package together for you.

What's going on in South Padre Island this year during Spring Break 2018?
We know you're coming here for a fully loaded good time, so that's what South Padre Island is going to offer you!! Every Spring Break, South Padre Island is packed with events during spring break so don't worry you'll have plenty to keep you occupied day and night whether you are looking for daytime beach activities or water sports, concerts, bikini contests, or smoking hot bars and night clubs calendar frequently as new events are added often! The Isla Grand Beach Resort (formerly the Radisson) will be hosting daily poolside parties with an amazing sound system display. Louie's Backyard hosts nightly live concerts with top name national acts, Hawaiian tropic bikini contests, DJs and dancing, karaoke, bungee jumping, rock wall climbing, go carts, and more. There's even a nude beach / clothing optional beach 10 miles north of town.

Where do we stay?
After endless hours of fun - you may eventually need to crash! With thousands of rooms to choose from, South Padre Island has what you need. Hotels, beach houses, resorts, condos, or motels - no worries, we've got it all! Find exactly what you are looking for on our
lodging page....or if it is all to much for you, book your entire spring break trip (parties, side trips and all) through Inertia Tours, tell them what you are looking for and let them do the work for you - after all, it's been a long, hard year right and you definitely deserve a break. All inclusive trips under $500 per person are Inertia Tours specialty.

What about a family vacation to South Padre during spring break?
South Padre Island is a great destination for families. There are many beach houses, condos, and vacation rentals that will ONLY rent to family visitors and do not rent to college spring breakers. Families can come down and enjoy surfing lessons, fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more of the exciting activities that South Padre Island has to offer without having to worry about being in the middle of the party scene.
South Padre Surf Company gives daily surfing lessons with spring break discounts available for groups of 3 or more.

Are there any alternative spring break programs available in South Padre Island?
For those who want to break away from the party scene, alternative spring break programs have become quite popular both in the United States and Internationally. These are typically outreach programs that offer active participation on trips to provide aid to the disadvantaged or to help clean up the environment. Some options available on South Padre Island are:

Beach Reach South Padre Island, Texas. Be a part of the tradition, join us as we reach 50,000 college students with the gospel of Jesus Christ through creative ministries.

Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge is Habitat for Humanity's year-round alternative break program that provides opportunities for students from youth groups, high schools and colleges to spend a week of their school break building a house in partnership with a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the United States. A Collegiate Challenge trip may be the best school break trip you will ever have. Not only do you help people in need -it's also fun! You'll have the chance to improve your carpentry skills, connect with new people in a new place and put your faith into action by making a real difference in Habitat for Humanity’s work of eliminating substandard housing. Our habitat for humanity affiliate chapter is in Port Isabel, Texas: Phone: (956) 498-7331.

Start your own Alternative Spring Break on your campus -
If you have a great idea on how to give back over your Spring Break you should consider a Do-It-Yourself ASB. Helping people through a community service project can change your life and the lives of others in need. South Padre Island is surrounded by communities that are in desparate need of your help, and the Island is a perfect gateway into Mexico where you could launch your own International outreach program.

Travel Alert: The US Department of State has issued a travel advisory for Mexico, particularly border towns. Please read this information before heading to Mexico to party!

Texas authorities are asking Spring Breakers to avoid travel to Mexico due to continuing drug cartel violence south of the border.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued the alert on Tuesday morning.

DPS officials reported that Mexican government has made great strides in the drug war but Americans remain caught in the middle.

According to figures, some 120 Americans were murdered in Mexico during 2011.

That number is up from 35 Americans murdered in 2007.

Americans have also become victims of drug cartel gun battles, kidnappings, carjackings and robbery along Mexican highways.

DPS officials reported that the violence is not concentrated along border states such as Tamaulipas.

Americans have reported being victims of rape or other crimes in resort areas such as Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas.

DPS Advises Against Spring Break Travel to Mexico

The Texas Department of Public Safety is again urging Spring Breakers to avoid traveling to Mexico as a result of continued violence throughout the country.

“The Mexican government has made great strides battling the cartels, and we commend their continued commitment to making Mexico a safer place to live and visit,” said DPS Director Steven C. McCraw. “However, drug cartel violence and other criminal activity represent a significant safety threat, even in some resort areas.”

According to published information from the U.S. Department of State:

• 12,903 narcotics-related homicides were reported the first nine months of 2011 alone.
• The number of U.S. citizens reported as murdered in Mexico increased from 35 in 2007 to 120 in 2011.  
• U.S. citizens have fallen victim to transnational criminal activity, including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery. 
• Rape and sexual assault continue to be serious problems in resort areas.
• Some bars and nightclubs, especially in resort cities such as Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, and Tijuana can be havens for drug dealers and petty criminals.
• Crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country and can occur anywhere.
• The State Department now urges U.S. travelers to defer non-essential travel to all or parts of 14 Mexican states, four more than 2011.

The situation in Mexico today is significantly different than it was just a decade ago,” said McCraw. “Many crimes against Americans in Mexico go unpunished, and we have a responsibility to inform the public about safety and travel risks and threats. Based on the unpredictable nature of cartel violence and other criminal elements, we are urging individuals to avoid travel to Mexico at this time.”

DPS acknowledges that many travel to Mexico without incident, but the risks cannot be ignored. Travelers are encouraged to carefully research any planned trips.

Travelers should always check the U.S. Department of State website for the most up-to-date information related to security issues in Mexico. (See http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_970.html)

U.S. citizens living or traveling in Mexico are urged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate at https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui/.

For more shocking, detailed and personal information on the situation go to http://www.mexicovacationawareness.com/index.html

Matamoros/South Padre Island:  The Mexican border cities of Matamoros and Nuevo Progresso are located 30 to 45 minutes south of the major Spring Break destination of South Padre Island, Texas.  Travelers to the Mexican border should be especially aware of safety and security concerns due to increased violence in recent years between rival drug trafficking gangs competing for control of narcotics smuggling routes.  While it is unlikely that American visitors would get caught up in this violence, travelers should exercise common-sense precautions such as visiting only the well-traveled business and tourism areas of border towns during daylight and early-evening hours. 

*** Important! Regulations for Mexico border crossing ***
*** Passport, or Driver License and Birth Certificate required!!

  Troy Giles Realty and Management  
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University of Maine Augusta    
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North Carolina Wesleyan College    
Piedmont Baptist College    
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Appalachian State University    
Capital University    
March 10th-17th, 2018    
University of South Florida - Tampa    
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CBT College of Business and Technology    
Edison State College    
Florida Atlantic University    
Florida Gulf Coast University    
Palm Beach State College    
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Lincoln Christian College & Seminary    
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Adrian College    
Delta College    
Saginaw Valley State University    
UNC Charlotte    
North Carolina A&T State University    
Campbell University    
Queens University of Charlotte    
Davidson College    
High Point University    
Catawba College    
Bennett College    
Brevard College    
Louisburg College    
Mid-Atlantic Christian University (Roanoke Bible College)    
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary    
UNC School of the Arts    
North Carolina Central University    
Saint Anselm College    
Rivier College    
Southern New Hampshire University    
The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts    
Seton Hall University    
Houghton College    
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi    
Saint John Fisher College    
Niagara University    
St. John Fisher College    
Upstate Medical University    
Le Moyne College    
School of Visual Arts    
SUNY College of Optometry    
Concordia College-Bronxville    
Dominican College    
Mount Saint Mary College    
Long Island University    
Xavier University    
The university of Toledo    
Ohio University    
Wright State University    
Kenyon College    
John Caroll University    
Muskingum College    
Shawnee State University    
The University of Findlay    
University of Dayton    
Wittenberg University    
Notre Dame College    
Ohio Northern University    
Wilberforce University    
Bluffton University    
Cedarville University    
Hiram College    
Lourdes College    
Malone College    
University of Toledo Health Science Campus    
Urbana University    
Walsh University    
Wilmington College    
University of Cincinnatti    
Villanova University    
Duquesne University    
Wilkes University    
LaSalle University    
Cabrini College    
Cedar Crest College    
Elizabethtown College    
Gannon University    
Lebanon Valley College    
Lycoming College    
Moravian College    
Muhlenberg College    
Susquehanna University    
Ursinus College    
Widener University    
St.Joseph's University    
Alvernia University    
College Misericordia    
College of Medicine    
DeSales University    
Dickinson School of Law    
Eastern University    
Geneva College    
Greater Allegheny    
Grove City College    
Holy Family University    
Kings College    
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine    
Lehigh Valley    
Marywood University    
Mont Alto    
Mount Aloysius College    
New Kensington    
Saint Vincent College    
Valley Forge Christian College    
Worthington Scranton    
Millersville University Of Pennsylvania    
Providence College    
Johnson & Wales University    
U Tenn Martin    
Texas A&M University    
University of Texas at Arlington    
University of Texas at Austin    
University of Houston    
Lamar University    
Sam Houston State University    
Southern Methodist University    
Collin College    
Houston Community College    
Tarrant County College    
Texas State University-San Marco    
Bethany Lutheran College    
College of Saint Benedict    
U of Minn Crookston    
College of Charleston    
Furman University    
Lander University    
Presbyterian College    
Columbia College    
Newberry College    
North Greenville University    
USC Aiken    
USC Lancaster    
USC Columbia    
Vanderbilt University    
Lyon College    
Bethel College    
Baker University    
Benedictine College    
Wartburg College    
Ashford University    
Coe College    
Morningside College    
Iowa Wesleyan College    

Silver Lake College    
Viterbo University    
U Wisc Green Bay    
Regent University    
Christopher Newport University    
College of William and Mary    
Longwood University    
Mary Baldwin College    
Mary Washington College    
Roanoke College    
Averett College    
Bluefield College    
Christendom College    
Emory & Henry College    
Hampden-Sydney College    
Jefferson College of Health Sciences    
Marymount University    
University of South Dakota    
Georgetown University    
The Catholic University of America    
Evangel University    
Rockhurst University    
Westminster College    
Central Bible College    
Lincoln University    
Columbus State University    
Covenant College    
Emmanuel College    
Interdenominational Theological Center    
Thomas University    
Clayton College & State University    
Southern Polytechnic State University    
Young Harris College    
Berry College    
Shorter College    
Emory University    
Georgia Southern University    
Savannah State University    
University of Georgia    
Thomas More College    
Bellarmine University    
Alice Lloyd College    
Vanderbilt University    
Southern Adventist University    
Southern College of Optometry    
Belmont University    
Christian Brothers University    
Crichton College (Victory University)    
Cumberland University    
Fisk University    
Lee University    
Martin Methodist College    
Tennessee Wesleyan College    
Trevecca Nazarene University    
Tusculum College    
University of the South    
Champlain College    
Green Mountain College    
Vermont Law School    
Southern Vermont College    
University of Vermont    
Wheeling Jesuit University    
West Virginia Wesleyan College    
Cardinal Stritch University    
West Virginia University    
March 17th-24th, 2018    
Post University    
Sacred Heart University    
United States Coast Guard Academy    
Fairfield University    
Wesley College    
The University of Tampa    
University of Central Florida    
University of Miami    
College of Central Florida    
Morehouse College    
Clark Atlanta University    
Emory University    
Morehouse College    
Spelman College    
Agnes Scott College    
Atlanta Christian College    
Macon State College    
Georgia Gwinnett College    
Armstrong Atlantic State University    
Gainesville State College    
College of Coastal Georgia    
Wesleyan College    
Mercer University    
Saint Ambrose University    
Waldorf College    
Central College    
Dordt College    
Allen College    
Emmaus Bible College    
Cornell College    
Northwestern College    
Simpson College    
Clarke College    
Carl Sandburg College    
Illinois State University    
Millikin University    
Rock Valley College    
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale    
Southwestern Illinois College    
Wheaton College    
McKendree University    
Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing    
Eureka College    
Greenville College    
Illinois Wesleyan University    
North Park University    
Principia College    
Quincy University    
Trinity Christian College    
University of Saint Francis    
Judson University    
MacMurray College    
Purdue University Calumet    
Saint Mary's College    
Ball State University    
Marian College    
University of Southern Indiana    
Anderson University    
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College    
School of Technology at Anderson/Muncie    
School of Technology at Columbus/Greensburg    
School of Technology at Indianapolis    
School of Technology at Kokomo    
School of Technology at New Albany    
School of Technology at Richmond    
College of Technology at South Bend/Elkhart    
University of Saint Francis    
Indiana University-East    
University of Southern Indiana    
Eastern Kentucky University    
University of Kentucky    
University of Louisville    
Western Kentucky University    
Asbury College    
Berea College    
Georgetown College    
Kentucky Christian University    
Kentucky Mountain Bible College    
Kentucky Wesleyan College    
Lindsey Wilson College    
Murray State University    
Spalding University    
Transylvania University    
Union College    
University of the Cumberlands    
Brescia University    
Northern Kentucky University    
Assumption College    
Bentley College    
Bridgewater State College    
Curry College    
Dean College    
Fitchburg State College    
Gordon College    
Salem State College    
Suffolk University    
Wentworth Institute of Technology    
Westfield State College    
Wheaton College    
Lesley University    
New England College of Optometry    
Bay Path College    
Becker College    
Boston Conservatory    
Boston University    
Fisher College    
Lasell College    
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts    
Medical School at Worcester    
American International College    
Emmanuel College    
Simmons College    
Anna Maria College    
Massachusetts College of Art    
Massachuetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences    
Wheelock College    
Massachusetts School of Law    
Mount Ida College    
Pine Manor College    
Albion College    
Ferris State University    
Northwood University    
Wayne State University    
Lawrence Technological University    
Olivet College    
Spring Arbor University    
Kendall College of Art & Design    
Michigan Technological University    
Michigan State University    
University of Michigan Dearborn    
Western Michigan University    
Lansing C.C    
Siena Heights University    
Central Michigan University    
Grand Valley State University    
Saint Cloud State University    
Winona State University    
College of Saint Scholastica    
Dunwoody College of Technology    
Bemidji State University    
Minnesota State University, Mankato    
North Central University    
Northwestern College    
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota    
Bethel University & Seminary    
Alfred Adler Institute    
U of Minn Duluth    
Missouri State University    
Saint Louis University    
Truman State University    
Washington University in Saint Louis    
Aquinas Institute of Theology    
Avila University    
Webster University    
Baptist Bible College    
Central Methodist University    
Missouri Valley College    
Park University    
Saint Luke's College    
William Woods University    
University of Mississippi    
University of Southern Mississippi    
Western Carolina University    
North Carolina State University    
East Carolina University    
Fayetteville State University    
Wingate University    
Belmont Abbey College    
Meredith College    
Lenoir-Rhyne University    
Methodist University    
UNC Greensboro    
Wake Forest University    
Greensboro College    
Johnson C. Smith University    
Lees-McRae College    
Pfeiffer University    
Saint Augustine's College    
Winston-Salem State University    
Chowan College    
Mars Hill College    
Montreat College    
Shaw University    
UNC Wilmington    
Bloomfield College    
Georgian Court College    
Fairleigh Dickinson University    
Kean University    
Montclair State University    
New Jersey Institute of Technology    
The College of New Jersey    
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey    
Union County College    
New Jersey City University    
Saint Peter's College    
Stevens Institute of Technology    
College of Saint Elizabeth    
Princeton University    
SUNY College of Technology at Canton    
Syracuse University    
Alfred University    
Cazenovia College    
Colgate University    
Genesee Community College    
Iona College    
Ithaca College    
Nazareth College    
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute    
Russell Sage College    
Skidmore College    
Saint Lawrence University    
The Sage Colleges    
University of Rochester    
Vassar College    
Wells College    
Canisius College    
Daemen College    
Fordham University    
Hilbert College    
Laboratory Institute of Merchandising    
LIU Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy    
LIU C.W. Post Campus    
LIU Rockland Graduate Campus    
Nyack College    
Paul Smith's College    
Polytechnic University of New York    
Pratt Institute    
SUNY College at Cortland    
SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology at Cobleskill    
SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry    
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art    
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America    
Union Theological Seminary    
The Juilliard School    
Saint Francis College    
Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome    
Bowling Green State University    
Case Western Reserve University    
Miami University    
Mount Union College    
Ohio Northern University    
Ohio University    
Ohio Wesleyan University    
The College of Wooster    
Youngstown State University    
Cleveland Institute of Art    
Defiance College    
Art Academy of Cincinnati    
Ashland University    
Cleveland Institute of Music    
Lake Erie College    
Marietta College    
Ohio Christian University    
Ohio Dominican University    
Franciscan University of Steubenville    
University of Rio Grande    
Ursuline College    
University Park (main campus) Penn State    
Albright College    
Bryn Mawr College    
Gettysburg College    
Juniata College    
Lehigh University    
Swarthmore College    
Arcadia University    
Baptist Bible College    
Keystone College    
Lancaster Bible College    
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania    
Lycoming College    
Philadelphia Biblical University    
Thiel College    
Wilson College    
Chatham College    
Pennsylvania College of Technology    
University of the Arts    
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia    
Waynesburg College    
Rhode Island College    
Hood College    
Saint Mary's College of Maryland    
United States Naval Academy    
Washington College    
Saint Joseph's College    
Husson College    
University of Central Oklahoma    
USC Spartanburg    
Winthrop University    
Anderson University    
Charleston Southern University    
Claflin University    
Coastal Carolina University    
Medical University of South Carolina    
South Carolina State University    
Voorhees College    
Benedict College    
USC Beaufort    
USC Sumter    
USC Union    
USC Upstate    
Middle Tennessee State University    
Austin Peay State University    
Middle Tennessee State University    
University of Memphis    
Memphis College of Art    
Rhodes College    
Aquinas College    
King College    
Bryan College    
East Tennessee State University    
Milligan College    
Tennessee State University    
Tennessee Technological University    
LeMoyne-Owen College    
Baylor University    
Old Dominion University    
Virginia Commonwealth University    
James Madison University    
Norfolk State University    
Bridgewater College    
George Mason University    
Hampton University    
Radford University    
Sweet Briar College    
University of Virginia    
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University    
Washington & Lee University    
Liberty University    
Virginia Intermont College    
Shenandoah University    
University of Virginia's College at Wise    
Saint Paul's College    
Virginia Military Institute    
Randolph College    
University of Richmond    
Saint Michael's College    
Vermont Law School    
Norwich University    
Sterling College    
Beloit College    
Marquette University    
Edgewood College    
Lakeland College    
Marian University    
Ripon College    
Saint Norbert College    
Wisconsin Lutheran College    
Mount Mary College    
Harding University    
Arizona State University    
The University Of Arizona    
Creighton University    
Daytona State College    
Florida A&M University    
Florida International University - University Park    
Hillsborough Community College    
North Florida Community College    
Seminole State College of Florida    
St. Petersburg College    
Tallahassee Community College    
University of West Florida    
MidAmerica Nazarene College    
Ottawa University    
Sterling College    
University of Saint Mary    
University of Kansas City    
Keene State College    
University of New Hampshire    
Antioch New England    
Chester College of New England    
Daniel Webster College    
New England College    
University of New Hampshire at Manchester    
Fairmont State University    
Shepherd University    
University of Charleston    
Glenville State College    
Mountain State University    
Concord University    
Ohio Valley College    
West Liberty State College    
American University    
Howard University    
Concordia University-NE    
Creighton University    
Dordt College    

March 24th-31st, 2018    
Auburn University-Auburn    
Dothan campus    
Montgomery campus    
Athens State University    
Concordia College    
University of Alabama System    
Faulkner University    
University of Alabama-Huntsville    
Troy University (main campus)    
Judson University    
Oakwood University    
Tuskegee University    
University of South Alabama    
University of Alabama System    
Birmingham-Southern College    
Samford University    
Southeastern Bible College    
University of Montevallo    
Miles College    
Stillman College    
Trinity College    
University of New Haven    
Connecticut College    
Mitchell College    
Sacred Heart University    
University of Bridgeport    
Wesleyan University    
Yale University    
Albertus Magnus College    
Quinnipiac University    
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts    
University of Hartford    
University of North Florida    
Pensacola State College    
South Florida State College    
Saint Johns River State College    
Florida State University    
Georgia State University    
State University of West Georgia    
Valdosta State University    
State University of West Georgia    
Georgia Southwestern State University    
Brewton-Parker College    
Drake University    
Iowa State University    
University of Iowa    
University of Dubuque    
University of Northern Iowa    
Graceland University    
Grand View University    
Mercy College of Health Sciences    
Grinnell College    
Roosevelt University    
Knox College    
North Central College    
Eastern Illinois University    
Northern Illinois University    
Western Illinois University    
Indiana University-Bloomington    
Purdue University    
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis    
Anderson University    
Indiana University-Northwest    
DePauw University    
Earlham College    
Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus    
Manchester College    
Indiana State University    
Indiana University-South Bend    
University of Indianapolis    
Purdue University North Central    
Indiana University-Southeast    
Indiana University-Kokomo    
Indiana University-Northwest    
Fort Hays State University    
Kansas State University    
Pittsburg State University    
Wichita State University    
Bethany College    
Haskell Indian Nations University    
Kansas State University-Salina College of Technology & Aviation    
Kansas Wesleyan University    
Emporia State University    
Manhattan Christian College    
Newman University    
Southwestern College    
Tabor College    
University of Kansas    
Washburn University    
Morehead State University    
Midway College    
Centre College    
Pikeville College    
Sullivan University    
Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing    
University of Massachusetts System    
Amherst College    
Babson College    
Framingham State College    
Hampshire College    
Harvard University    
Mount Holyoke College    
Smith College    
Tufts University    
Wellesley College    
Williams College    
Worcester State College    
Springfield College    
Berklee College of Music    
Nichols College    
Western New England College    
Hult International Business School    
Boston Architectural College    
New England Conservatory of Music    
Anne Arunadel Community College    
College of Notre Dame of Maryland    
Frostburg State University    
Goucher College    
McDaniel College    
Montgomery College - Germantown    
Montgomery College - Rockville    
Towson University    
University of Maryland Baltimore County    
University of Maryland College Park    
McDaniel College    
Stevenson University    
Baltimore Hebrew University    
Bowie State University    
Chesapeake College    
Coppin State University    
Salisbury University    
University of Baltimore    
University of Maryland Eastern Shore    
Washington Bible College    
Unity College    
University of New England    
Bowdoin College    
Calvin College    
Cranbrook Academy of Art    
Minnesota State University, Moorhead    
U of Minn Twin Cities    
Winona State University    
Macalester College    
College of Visual Arts    
U of Minn Morris    
Carleton College    
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities    
Southeast Missouri State University    
University of Central Missouri    
University of Missouri - Rolla    
Missouri University of Science & Technology    
Ozark Christian College    
Drury University    
Missouri Western State University    
Warren Wilson College    
Elizabeth City State University    
Guilford College    
Salem College    
Elon University    
Duke University    
UNC Chapel Hill    
North Dakota State University    
University of North Dakota    
Saint Andrews Presbyterian College    
Methodist University    
Peace College    
Franklin Pierce Law Center    
Plymouth State College    
Franklin Pierce University    
Dartmouth College    
Ramapo College    
Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway    
Rutgers- Newark    
William Paterson University    
Rider University    
Rowan University    
SUNY Buffalo    
Adelphi University    
Alfred State College    
Barnard College    
Clarkson University    
Columbia University    
Cornell University    
Finger Lakes Community College    
Hamilton College    
Hobart and William Smith Colleges    
Manhattan College    
Marist College    
Mohawk Valley Community College    
New York University    
Onondaga Community College    
Orange County Community College    
Plattsburgh State University    
Sarah Lawrence College    
SUNY College at Oswego    
SUNY College at Brockport    
SUNY College at Geneseo    
SUNY Stony Brook    
SUNY Albany    
Utica College of Syracuse University    
SUNy College at Plattsburgh    
Teachers College, Columbia University    
Vassar College    
New York Institute of Technology    
Air Force Institute of Technology    
Central State Universary    
Columbus College of Art & Design    
Geauga Campus    
Stark Campus    
Tuscarawas Campus    
Mount Vernon Nazarene University    
Otterbein College    
Ohio State University    
Denison University    
Celveland State University    
West Chester University of Pennsylvania    
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania    
Bucks County Community College    
Clarion University of Pennsylvania    
Delaware county Community College    
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania    
Indiana University of Pennsylvania    
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania    
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania    
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania    
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania    
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania    
Washington & Jefferson College    
West Chester University of Pennsylvania    
Cheyney University    
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania    
Thomas Jefferson University    
Allegheny College    
Curtis Institute of Music    
University of Scranton    
Central Pennsylvania College    
Philadelphia University    
Bucknell University    
Delaware Valley College    
Dickinson College    
Franklin & Marshall College    
Rhode Island College    
Roger Williams University    
Clemson University    
Columbia International University    
Francis Marion University    
The Citadel    
Church of God Theological Seminary    
Lipscomb University    
Maryville College    
U Tenn Chattanooga    
U Tenn Knoxville    
U Wisc Milwaukee    
U Wisc LaCrosse    
U Wisc Oshkosh    
U Wisc Stout    
U Wisc Superior    
Lawrence University    
U Wisc Stevens Point    
University of Wyoming    
Dillard University    
Nicholls State University    
Hollins University    
University of Richmond    
Eastern Virginia Medical School    
Virginia Union University    
Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary    
Universityt Of Arkansas at Little Rock    
Arkansas Tech University    
Central Baptist College    
Hendrix College    
John Brown University    
Ouachita Baptist University    
UA Pine Bluff    
University of Central Arkansas    
University of the Ozarks    
Williams Baptist College    
Northern Oklahoma College-Tonkawa    
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus    
Southwestern Oklahoma State University-Weatherford    
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus    
Wayne State College-NE    


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